League By-Laws

Last Updated Winter 2019

League Office: 12225 N 25th Street, Phoenix AZ 85032

Winter 2019 Board of Officers

President:  Steve Gonzales  602-312-4690

Vice-President:  Mike Phillips  602-509-2194

Secretary:  Merritt Underwood  602-339-7236

Treasurer:  Joseph Gaxiola  602-410-9825

Sergeant at Arms:  Ron Youre  602-739-4567

Mission Statement

G.L.A.D. is a non-profit organization of diversified men and women that was established in 1987 with the joint purpose of bringing unity to the Gay & Lesbian community and to raise money for three local charities each season. Unity is gained by maintaining a spirit of fellowship, sportsmanship and fun.

The local charities are nominated and elected by the membership. It is the hope of the G.L.A.D. Organization that these contributions will enrich the lives of the recipients as well as our membership (08/10)


The G.L.A.D. organization is organized exclusively for charitable purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code,

or corresponding section of any future federal tax code. (12/13)



  1. A duly elected Board of Officers shall oversee the operations of the League. A Board of Directors, consisting of the Team Captains, shall govern the Board of Officers.
  1. The Board of Officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant at Arms, who are voting members. An Advisor can also be part of the Board, but is a non-voting member (10/14)
  1. Two (2) Officers shall sign all disbursements of funds.
  1. As a Board Officer, if you are absent from more than three (3) meetings of the Board, you will resign your position of your own accord. (6/04)
  1. When an Officer does not fulfill their term, if it is reasonable to do so, a Full League Emergency Meeting will be called to fill the vacated seat. Otherwise, said position shall remain vacant until the next Captain’s Meeting, which becomes a Full League Meeting. (6/04)
  1. All elected Officers of the Board shall be bonded for $25,000. (8/00)
  1. The Board of Officers will deliver the Captains’ and Sponsor Packets to all Sponsor Bars by the Sunday prior to the first night of play. (6/04)
  1. Board members will verify the line placements, proper lighting and the levelness of the dartboards prior to the start of the season. If a problem with line placements, proper lighting and/or the levelness of the dartboards arises during the season, a Board Officer should be notified.
  1. Any use of the G.L.A.D. League Logo or representation of the G.L.A.D. League must be approved by the entire Board of Officers. (8/05)
  1. The Board of Officers shall meet weekly to compile team standings and maintain all League records.
  1. If you are on the Board of Officers, it is recommended that you not be a team captain.



  1. Shall preside over all League related meetings.
  2. Shall govern the Officers and verify that they are fulfilling those positions.
  3. Shall verify receipt of all Score Sheets and monies.
  4. Shall contact Team Captains if paperwork is not received or is incomplete.
  5. Shall appoint any committees and/or temporary board members.
  6. Shall be a designated signer on all League accounts.

Vice President

  1. Shall fulfill the duties of the President in his/her absence.
  2. Shall assist with the operations of the League and other Officers’ responsibilities as needed.
  3. Shall verify and maintain awards standings. (7/00)
  4. Shall coordinate the Season Banquet.
  5. Shall be a designated signer on all League accounts.
  6. Shall coordinate End of Season Tournaments.


  1. Shall maintain and distribute all League forms, excluding financial records.
  2. Shall maintain awards standings.
  3. Shall be a designated signer on all League accounts.


  1. Shall verify all monies received and validate all checks and money orders for deposit.
  2. Shall deposit League funds no later than the Tuesday after receipt.
  3. Shall provide a weekly financial statement to the Board of Directors and Sponsors to show all weekly income and expenditures on a form that lists:
  1. The bi-weekly dues received and not received from each team.
  2. Any other income and its source(s).
  3. Any expenditure, to whom the payment was issued and the check number of the expenditure.
  4. The current balance of the League’s account (11/04)
  1. Shall prepare and distribute a monthly bank statement (that has been verified by a second Officer) to each member of the Board of Directors and Sponsor. (11/04)
  2. Shall not be a designated signer on all League accounts.
  3. Shall contact Team Captains on any outstanding dues balances.

Sergeant at Arms

  1. Shall preserve order at all meetings.
  2. Shall count all votes and give tally to the Board of Officers.
  3. Shall be a designated signer on all League accounts.
  4. Shall maintain Team Rosters and League membership.


The Board of Directors shall consist of the Team Captains, who are voting members of the Board of Directors.

Each Team Captain will fulfill the following duties:

  1. Form a team and obtain a sponsorship.
  2. Keep team members and sponsor aware of all league news and events.
  3. Represent the Team in all matters (i.e. Forfeits, disputes, dartboard malfunctions).
  4. Attend all meetings. If the Team Captain is unable to attend a meeting, he/she must Schedule another team member to attend. (1/19) If the Team Captain or team representative does not attend the mid-season Meetings (weeks 6 and 12), the Team will be penalized with 5 points being taken away from the Team’s wins total for each missed meeting. (07/18) The Team Captain or team representative shall attend the meeting for the entire duration or the team will be penalized with 5 points being taken away from the team’s total wins. (9/15)
  5. Be fully versed in all League By-Laws. (10/10)
  6. Complete Score Sheets and collect dues. After home games, Score Sheets and dues must be mailed to the League post office box, postmarked by Thursday night, or dropped off at a designated drop off bar by 12:00 p.m. Saturday. (If dropped off at a designated drop off bar, a Board Officer must be notified.)
  7. Inform all Team Members of location of play each night of play.
  8. Verify proper completion of Score Sheets, initial all Special Awards and sign the Score Sheets as proof of this verification for both Home and Away games.
  9. Provide the League with a current address, e-mail address and phone number within five (5) days of any changes.
  10. Home Team Captain will hold cards for the Visiting Team and the Visiting Team Captain will hold cards for the Home Team and record players names on Score Sheet while drawing for positions.
  11. Team award money received at the end of the season will be distributed to the Team Players by the Team Captain. After money is given to the Team Captain, it is no longer the responsibility of G.L.A.D. If award money is not distributed to the Team Players by the Team Captain, said Team Captain will no longer be allowed to be a Team Captain.


  1. Any By-Law change during the season shall require a majority vote of team representatives present at such Board of Directors Meeting when the change is proposed. All other voting is determined by a simple majority of team representatives present. Voting during Captains Meeting shall be done by a roll call vote. There is one (1) vote per team. (07/00)
  2. The Board of Officers reserve the right to make exceptions relevant to the By-Laws by majority vote, when deemed appropriate. Any exceptions will be presented at the next Captain’s or Full League Meeting.
  3. Nominations for Board of Officers will be held at the END of season League Meeting for the next one-year term. The Winter Season election or re-election will be for Vice-President, Treasurer and Sergeant of Arms. The Summer season election or re-election will be for President and Secretary. Elections will take place after nominations have been closed. The elections will be by one (1) vote per player.
  4. A person can run for more than one office as sequential positions are filled. Nominees must be present to accept the nomination.



  1. Sponsor Fees in the amount of Fifty Dollars ($50.00) per team are due on or before the Board of Officers Meeting following the Season Start Up Meeting, unless a team is added to make an even number of teams.
  2. Sponsor Bars are responsible for:
  1. The shooting line MUST be placed eight (8) feet from the dart board; lighting must be 40 watt bulbs or higher; and dartboards must be level.
  2. Sufficient seating around the dartboard for each team.
  3. Quarters/tokens needed for dartboard operations will be provided by the Sponsor. All unused coins/tokens will be returned to the bar.
  1. If a team loses their Sponsor, that team may petition the Board of Officers to finish the Season with a new Sponsor. The Board of Officers will determine whether the new Sponsor must pay sponsor fees, based on the circumstances. No refunds will be given to the original Sponsor.

Team Dues

  1. Each Team Captain will collect a total of Ten Dollars ($10.00) from each member every two (2) weeks of play, when they are the Home Team. $5.50 is for Charity and $4.50 is for operations and the prize fund. Teams may pay for part of or the entire season in advance, but if a team member is dropped or the team disbands, there will be no refunds.(01/08)
  2. Checks or money orders made payable to G.L.A.D. are to be sent with the Score Sheets. To prevent loss or theft, NO CASH is to be sent. The team name must be written on the memo line of the check.
  3. No team may play if it has delinquent dues of $50.00 for any two (2) weeks of play. Once notified by the Board of Officers of delinquent dues, those dues have to be paid by the next home match or no play will be allowed. The Captains must get the dues to the Board of Officers. Any dues outstanding at the Season end will be withheld from the Team money awarded. (01/02)
  4. A $25.00 service fee will be assessed on all returned checks and no points will be awarded to that team until the check & fee have been paid to the Treasurer. (07/00)
  1. The Captain will be notified of a returned check and if a second returned check is received from that Captain, no further checks will be accepted from that Captain. Money Orders only will be required from said Captain.
  2. All unpaid returned checks will be reported to the County Attorney’s Office for collection.


  1. Charities shall be nominated at the Start Up Meeting for each season. League members shall vote based upon nominations for three (3) local charities that will receive money from the charity portion of the team dues for each season.
  2. Charity ballots will be distributed in the Season Start Up Team Packet and will be due back to the Board of Officers with the Score Sheets within two (2) weeks of the first night of play.
  3. The designated Charities shall receive their monies at the End of Season Awards Presentation. If a charity is not present at the banquet, they may collect the donation at the next season’s Start Up Meeting.
  4. A charity’s check not deposited after thirty (30) days from receipt shall be voided and those monies placed back into a restricted fund for use towards the next season’s charities.
  5. Any charity that received monies from the most recent season are not eligible for the current season. This allows G.L.A.D. to distribute league monies effectively throughout the entire community. (07/03)
  1. The league shall reserve the right to designate, by ballot, the specifics of how the charity monies be used by each recipient, providing such recipient has more than one (1) charity under their blanket organization.
  2. To be eligible, all charities chosen must submit a copy of their most recent 501c3 Notification Letter to G.L.A.D.

Awards Presentation (01/15)

  1. Up to Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars ($750.00) shall go toward the cost of the End of Season Awards Presentation. The bar hosting the Awards Presentation must provide the league with itemized receipts prior to receiving payment from the league.
  2. Any establishment wishing to host the Awards Presentation must provide the Board of Officers with a statement of facilities, food arrangements and drink specials they will be offering. The Board of Officers will determine eligibility of the bid and must receive this bid by a date specified by the Board of Officers.
  3. The league members will vote to determine the location of the Awards Presentation.

Anniversary Banquet (01/15)

  1. Up to Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars from each season shall be allotted for the cost of the Anniversary Banquet to be held every milestone fifth year (i.e. 30th, 35th). The host location of the Banquet must provide the league with itemized invoice prior to receiving payment from the league.
  2. The league members will vote to determine the location of the Anniversary Banquet.

Trophy Awards (06/10)

Up to one thousand five hundred dollars ($1500.00) shall go toward the trophy awards for teams and individuals.

Individual Awards (06/04)

Awards shall be given in the following amounts for individual accomplishments throughout the Regular Season:

  1. Fifteen Dollars ($15.00) for one (1) category completed.
  2. Twenty Five Dollars ($25.00) for two (2) categories completed.
  3. Thirty Dollars ($30.00) for three (3) categories completed
  4. Fifty Dollars ($50.00) for four (4) categories completed.

Team Point Money

  1. The remaining funds will be divided into total points won and will be distributed proportionately among the Teams. (06/04)
  2. All team point money will stop at the end of the regular season. Points earned during End of Season Tournaments will not count towards team point money. (11/04)
  3. The league will prosecute any person(s) found stealing money or property from the league.
  4. All SNR, NRP, and MNA points and disbanded team points won will be given equally to the three (3) local charities that season. (06/05)

SCHEDULE 01/87 REV 06/11

  1. Season startup for the Summer Season begins team play in July and the Winter Season begins team play in January.
  2. The league’s regular season play shall be 16 weeks. (06/11)
  3. Teams from individual bars will be split evenly between home and away. The number of divisions within the league shall be dependent on the total number of teams. The division breakdown shall be determined by the Board of Officers as they prepare and set up the start of each season.(06/04)
  4. There will be two (2) Full League Meetings, one at the startup of the season and one at the end of the regular season. Captain’s Meetings will be held Wednesday of the 6th and 12th weeks of Regular Season Play. All meetings will be held at Sponsor Bars in alphabetical order of the sponsors. The bar must have sponsored a team the prior season to be eligible to host a meeting. The only change to the order will be if capacity is limited for a Full League Meeting or the sponsor does not want to host the meeting. (02/00)
  5. If needed, Special Emergency Meetings will be announced in the weekly League Notes.

TIME OF PLAY01/87 REV 05/13

  1. To allow both Visiting and Home Teams practice time on the dartboard to be used on the night of play, the following are designated practice times:
  1. Home Team 7:15pm to 7:35pm
  2. Visiting Team 7:35pm to 7:55pm
  1. Play starts at 8:00pm, with a forfeit declared at 8:15pm (only local cell phone time applies). (05/13)
  2. In the event of a forfeit:
  1. A Board Officer is to be called immediately so he/she may verify the forfeit and offer an opportunity to schedule time to play for awards for the non-forfeiting team. If this is not followed, no special play for awards will be allowed.
  2. The non-forfeiting team shall receive all points and send their dues and score sheet.
  3. The forfeiting team will be required to pay their dues by their next home night of play.
  1. In the event that both captains agree to re-schedule a match, a Board Officer must first be contacted and said match must be scheduled and played within two (2) weeks of the date of the original match, with a forfeit pending. (06/04)
  1. If it was the Visiting Team that canceled, the re-scheduled match will still be played at the Home Team’s bar.
  2. If it was the Home Team that canceled the re-scheduled match will be played at a location agreed upon by both captains and a Board Officer.
  3. If either team forfeits the re-scheduled match, then all points will be given to that non-forfeiting team.
  1. Late Players – If a captain is aware that a player is going to be late, that captain will randomly pull a number for that player. Upon arrival, that player joins the regular rotation.


  1. All teams must submit a signed roster for no more than seven (7) ROSTERED players no later than the second week of play. If the team roster is received by the Board of Officers after the second week of play, no win points will be awarded to the team up to the week the roster is received. (9/16)
  2. All G.L.A.D. League Players agree to abide by the letter and spirit of the G.L.A.D. Mission Statement and By-Laws by their signature on the team roster. (01/03)
  3. A team must have at least four (4) players for a match to begin. Three (3) players must be on the roster or a forfeit is declared. A One Night Only player is not considered a roster player.
  4. A Team may drop no more than two (2) players per night of play.
  1. A Roster change must be completed on that night’s Score Sheet. (06/05)
  2. Any “Drop”, “Add” or “One Night Only” must be marked on the score sheet. (01/07)
  1. A current roster player may not switch teams without petitioning the Board of Officers for approval.
  1. The Captains of the Teams that the player is leaving and is going to must be in agreement with the switch.
  2. Only one (1) switch per player, per season is allowed.
  1. All roster players must play a minimum of four (4) weeks to qualify for Individual Awards.
  2. All games played (including 301, 501 and Cricket) using a non-roster player (NRP) will have all team points and said individual’s 301 points forfeited.
  1. Said points will be given to charity. (06/05)
  2. Individual Awards will not be presented to any player who is not a roster player. (01/07)
  1. If a player must leave prior to completion of a night’s play due to a sudden illness or emergency, both Captains must agree to have another player step in and finish playing the match.
  1. If the captains do not agree, then it is a “BYE” in that position for the remainder of the night’s play. An explanation of said dispute is to be put on the score sheet that night by both Captains, and a Board Officer called immediately to make a determination.
  2. A vote at the next Captain’s Meeting will determine if the score stands or a replay is needed.
  1. Bye Rule

If the League has an odd number of teams, a “Bye Team” will be created in order to complete the Season Schedule. So that no team has an unfair advantage, at the end of the season any team that has a bye(s) will be awarded their average number of points won for actual play for bye week(s) divided by the applicable number of weeks played in the season less the bye week(s). This average will be applied to the week(s) teams played the bye team. Any team playing the bye team must contact the Board of Officers one week prior to schedule a time to play for awards or no award play will be allowed. (02/99)

  1. If a team forfeits two (2) weeks in a row, the team is dropped from the league. The team may petition the League to stay.
  2. If a team leaves the League for any reason and a replacement Team cannot be found by the next scheduled night of play, the Bye Rule will take effect. All teams that have played the disbanded team shall have their actual score stand for that night of play. (05/13)
  3. If a dispute or a deviance from the By Laws (ie. foot foul) occurs and both Captains cannot agree, the game must be restarted.
  4. All Score Not Reported (SNR) points, Non-Rostered Player (NRP) points, 5 point penalties for meetings not attended (MNA) and disbanded team points won will be given to charity. (06/10)
  5. If a team is added after the first week of play, that Team will forfeit all earlier matches and lose all points for those weeks. (02/05)
  6. A DART IS A DART. No re-throwing or tap-in darts are allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  7. If a dartboard malfunctions, the game may be restarted at the discretion of the Captains.

If the captains cannot agree, the game must be restarted.

  1. Change of Play Location

In the event teams cannot play at a scheduled location due to an unforeseen situation (i.e. power outage), the location of play shall be moved to another available sponsor bar agreed upon by both captains. If an agreement cannot be reached, a Board Officer (starting with the President of the league) must be contacted to determine the location. (05/13)

  1. Games are scored as follows:
  1. 301 Five (5) individual games, one (1) point per game
  2. 501 Two (2) team games, two (2) points per game
  3. Cricket Two (2) team games, three (3) point per game
  1. All Official 301, 501 and Cricket rules apply.
  2. No dart weight limit applies.
  3. If more than one (1) home Team is playing at Home, the Captains determine which dartboard each Team plays on.
  4. The Home Team Captain shall flip a coin with the Visiting Team Captain to determine the order of play. The Home Team Captain shall flip a coin for the 301 games and the first 501 and Cricket games. Order is reversed for the second 501 and Cricket games.
  5. Both Teams’ players shall draw numbers to determine player order, with the Home Team Captain holding cards for the Visiting Team and the Visiting Team Captain holding cards for the Home Team. (02/00) Late players – If a captain is aware that a player is going to be late, that captain will randomly pull a number for that player. Upon arrival, that player joins the regular rotation.
  6. The Double Bulls Eye must be activated for Cricket.
  7. The G.L.A.D. League expects all its players to conduct themselves in the spirit of sportsmanship. If any incident occurs before, during or after any G.L.A.D. League event which involves the use of profanity, threats of physical intimidation directed toward the League or any player, or falsification of a score sheet or award of any kind, notify A Board Officer. The Board of Officers will issue a poor conduct written warning to the offending player. If a subsequent similar infraction occurs with this player, he/she will immediately be suspended for the rest of the season.
  8. If a Team has only Four (4) players present, a vacancy shall be created and will be the number not drawn. If both Teams have vacancies and the vacancies for both Teams are the same number on the Score Sheet order of play, a re-draw for the Home Team must occur. The vacancies cannot be the same numbers.
  9. Anyone caught paying players to stack a team may be removed from the League by majority vote of the Captains in attendance at the next League Meeting.
  10. Kibitzing or harassing of a player by another player will not be tolerated.
  1. One (1) warning to the opposing Captain will be given, then a forfeit of all points shall be declared upon a second offense. A Board Officer must be called immediately to determine the forfeit.
  2. If there is kibitzing or harassing of a player by a spectator, speak with the bartender. If the problem is not resolved, call a Board Officer.
  1. The “Player Change” Button must be pushed on some dartboards before removing the darts.
  1. It is each player’s responsibility to be alert at all times to the status of the dart board.
  2. If a problem occurs, the resolution is up to the Captains’ discretion.
  3. If a dart is thrown at the dartboard and the machine resets, the dart may not be re-thrown or manually scored. (08/00)
  1. Cricket games must be played up to no more than 35 rounds (10/15).

If a Cricket game runs out of rounds:

  1. The Team with the most closures will be the winner of the game.
  2. If closures are tied, the team with the most points wins.
  3. If closures and points are tied, the game shall be re-played.
  4. If a dispute occurs, a Board Officer should be called.
  1. Following Week 12 of Regular Season play, no weekly Team scores, total points, or penalty points will be posted on the Team Standings sheet eff. 07/July 2018. (07/18)
  2. Score Sheets and Dues must be mailed (postmarked no later than the Thursday after play) or dropped off at a designated “Drop Off” Bar by 12:00 pm (noon) Saturday. (02/13)
  1. If this is not done, the Team responsible for sending the Score Sheet will forfeit all points they won for the match and receive an SNR. These points will be entered in a separate column on the Weekly Standings Sheet. At the end of the Season this point money will be divided equally between the three Charities. (06/04)
  2. The League has adopted a No Excuses Policy if Score Sheets are not received by the Board of Officers on time. The only exception to this is if the Score Sheet is not received on time when sent via the U.S. Mail, but postmarked by the Thursday evening after play. In this case, the points will be adjusted accordingly. (01/06)


  1. Awards shall be given in each of the following categories for individual accomplishments throughout the Regular Season:
  1. Hat Trick Three darts in a bulls eye
  2. Three in a Bed Three darts in a single triple
  3. White Horse One dart in three separate Cricket number triples (during Cricket games only)
  4. Six Dart Out Out in six darts or less during 301 (No Hat Trick Award is given)
  5. Most Fun Team
  6. Most Fun Female Player
  7. Most Fun Male Player
  8. Most Fun Bar
  9. Most Individual Awards
  10. Jackass Award
  1. Both Teams’ Captains must verify all awards, initialing score sheet next to that player’s name and listing the type of award being received.
  2. Plaques will be given to the player with the most recorded occurrences in each category. If more than three (3) players tie in a category, then no plaque will be given.
  3. Awards will be given out at the End of Season Awards Presentation.
  1. Player must be present or notify a Board Officer with the name of the individual who is authorized to pick up the Award. This must be in writing.
  2. All monetary Team or Individual Awards not claimed from the Board of Officers by the next Season Start up Meeting will be forfeited and re-deposited into the League account for the following Season in order for the League to close its books for the Season. This money will be added to a fund for the charity monies for the following season. (06/04)
  1. All Teams shall receive Team Award money in equal percentage of points won.
  2. If two darts have been thrown and an award can be won on the third dart, it is to be thrown even if the second dart “ended the game.” (02/99)
  3. At the end of regular season play, First Place Teams in each division will receive one of the traveling trophies to display at their sponsor bar and each team member will receive an individual trophy. The second place and third place team members in each division will receive individual awards.
  4. In the event of a tie for first, second, or third Place in any division, teams will play an entire match of 301, 501 and Cricket at 8:00 p.m. on the Tuesday during the “Tie Breaker Week” (Week 17). The home team will be determined by a coin flip. The winner of the coin flip will play the match at their home bar. (01/13)

Only current roster players shall play the Tie Breaker Game. (07/13)


  1. At the end of the season, division tournaments will be held for each division in the league. Each division tournament will consist of teams based on the final standings for the regular season.
  2. Any sponsor bar wishing to host one of the tournaments must provide the following:
  1. Three (3) dartboards on the night of the tournament and supply the needed quarters/tokens for dartboard operation.
  2. Have enough room for all players to sit near the dartboards.
  3. Submit a bid to the Board of Officers by the designated date, including food arrangements and drink specials.
  1. This is a Double Elimination Tournament.
  1. Only team games will be played.
  2. All tournaments will follow the same format. Seven (7) points are needed to win. It is possible to win after the first 3 games.
  3. Games 1 & 3: Team 501 (2 Points)
  4. Games 2 & 4: Team Cricket (3 Points)
  5. Game 5 (if needed) Team 501 (3 Points)
  1. All other league rules apply.
  2. Only roster players are allowed to play.
  3. All roster players are required to re-draw for player order at the beginning of each match.
  4. Captains will run their own matches.
  5. Assignment of Divisions to Bars: The bar owner, or a representative, must be present at the End of Season Full League Meeting in order to determine which division will play at which bar.
  6. Teams are to be at their tournament bar by 6:30 for sign in and tournament starts promptly at 7:00 pm.
  7. First place tournament teams in each division will receive a traveling trophy to display at their sponsor bar.