Week 6 Notes & Standings

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 6

  • The bids for the tournaments and the end of season awards have gone out to the bars. Voting will be done on April 15,2017 at the league meeting.
  • The three charities for the Winter 2017 season are: Friends of Animal Care and Control, Joshua Tree, Rockstar Canine Rescue and Sanctuary.
  • Please make sure that the one night only and add/drop sections at the bottom of the score sheets are filled out for any player that is a one night only or an add/drop, points are lost because of non roster players.
  • Looking for volunteers for the Heart Luck variety show and underwear auction that will be held on March 11, 2017 at Bunkhouse at 1:30pm. Please let a board member know if you are interested in helping.   
  • Reminder- the G.L.A.D. League expects all its players to conduct themselves in the spirit of sportsmanship. Misconduct of any kind will not be tolerated!
  • Captains- if you are playing a team with a new captain, please assist them with the score sheet and the team play procedures. All players - please familiarize yourselves with the by-laws.

Week 6 Awards

Steph Schwandt Wicked Shafts Hat Trick
Brenna Woods Bumper 2 Bumper Hat Trick
Keyth Fitzgerald HB's Monkey Mayhem Hat Trick
Stephen Mizell Or-Plazm Hat Trick
Perry Munoz Bunkhouse Hat Trick
Robert Erbe Kobalt Blooze Hat Trick