Week 14 10/17/2017 Schedule

Season Schedule File: 
Home Away
HB's MavericksKobalt Shooters
Kobalt Knights**Nutowne NuTrons
Cash Ruthless RebelsStraight Shooters (HB)
Bare Back Riders (Charlie's)Party Rock
Anvil's BlowhardsOZ Optical Illusionz
Rock SolidBunkhouse 69'ers
Bunkhouse M.G.L.C7 Grim Reapers
Plazmanian DevilsKobalt Blooze
HB's AssholesRockin' Rockettes
Cash Machine**4 Queens & A King (Cruisin 7th)
The Carol Channings (Bar1)Or-Plazm
Kobalt KubsCashual Aquaintance
Nutowne KnightsNutowne Nutzso's
May The Darts Be With You (Cruisin 7th)Pop Rocks
Wicked Shafts (Oz)**Kobalt Kamikazes
Excuse My Beauty (Rock)HB's Monkey Mayhem
** Denotes Board of Officers Team