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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Week 1

  • All teams must submit a signed roster for no more than seven (7) ROSTERED players no later than the second week of play.  If the team roster is received by the Board of Officers after the second week of play, no win points will be awarded to the team up to the week the roster is received.
  • End of Season Awards Presentation Bid went out to the bar owners/managers on 7/23/2017 and will need to be returned to the board no later than 8/5/2017 to be considered. If the board has not received the bar owners/managers contact information the End of Season Awards Presentation Bid did not go out to them.  
  • All Charity Ballots must be returned by next week for your teams votes to count.
  • Reminder- the G.L.A.D. League expects all its players to conduct themselves in the spirit of sportsmanship. Misconduct of any kind will not be tolerated!
  • Any players that are looking for a team please contact a board member or email GLAD at gladphxaz@gmail.com for information on which teams need players.
  • Captains- if you are playing a team with a new captain, please assist them with the score sheet and the team play procedures. All players - please familiarize yourselves with the by-laws.

Week 1 Awards

Dennis Spillman Roscoe's Ruthless Rebles Hat Trick
Kurtis Dewey Or-Plazm Hat Trick