G.L.A.D.'s 25 Year History

For 25 years, giving back to our community has been the Gay & Lesbian Association of Darts’ (G.L.A.D.) mission.  This mission has brought together people to play darts on Tuesday nights and to raise money for local charities.  More than $750,000 has been donated to over 50 charities through the years.

In 1987, the owners of four gay bars (307, Country Club, JC’s Fun One, Marly’s) met to come up with ways to generate business on Tuesday nights.  The result of this meeting was the creation of G.L.A.D.  Initially, score sheets and dues were picked up by a bicyclist going from bar to bar.

Over the years, G.L.A.D. has enhanced the League by adopting a league logo, creating a formal Public Relations Department, becoming more active in the community, getting more bars to sponsor teams, publishing end of the season souvenir programs and adding end of the season tournaments and awards.

The next major step for GLAD was the creation of Have a Heart Project which raises money solely for the three charities picked by the League each season.  To date Have a Heart Project has raised over $42,000 in five years.

G.L.A.D. looks forward to continued growth, allowing the League the ability to build further unity in the community and substantially increase its contributions to local charities.

In December 2013, the IRS determined G.L.A.D. a non-profit 501(c)3 organization exempt from Federal income tax effective March 2011.